Unite your people

A new way to engage and connect with your employees

People feel disconnected from their organisations

Research shows that 87% of employees do not feel connected with the organisation they work for.

People working at headquarters struggle to effectively communicate with and engage front-line employees. Communication only happens top-down and through many different channels. Headquarters doesn’t know if messages are read. This creates confusion and a lack of real interaction.

This results in higher employee turnover and absenteeism, as well as lower quality service towards the customer.

We turn disconnection into connection

Flex-Appeal allows organisations to make a unique connection with their employees.

We say goodbye to inboxes filled with unread newsletters and the myriad of Facebook and Whatsapp groups.

We bring all employees together on one single platform, simplifying communication and increasing engagement.

This results in improved productivity, increased sales and a happier workforce.
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Higher engagement means better results

Increasing employee engagement is not just great for your people, but also for your business results.

Increase productivity

Highly engaged organisations have 37% fewer sick days, 30% higher productivity, and up to 2.5 times better customer satisfaction.

Retain top talent

Highly engaged organisations average 58% lower churn costs.

Improve sales

Every 1% increase in engagement delivers up to a 0.6% increase in revenue. Engaged employees can sell up to 40% more.
“Flex-Appeal helps me to keep everybody informed and engaged. The application is simple and very user-friendly. All our employees turned into enthusiastic users within a week”.
Remco Heeren
owner Albert Heijn Dillenburgplein

How we can help

Our digital platform and mobile application allow organisations to make a unique connection with their employees and increase engagement.

Simplify communication

One single platform that supports both vertical and horizontal communication, managed from a simple dashboard.

Create real engagement

Engagement means interaction. Give your front-line employees a voice by bringing them together in communities and easily start personal chats with co-workers.

Connect with your front-line employees

Get valuable insights directly from the field. Quickly ask for and receive feedback from front-line employees.

Our simple-to-use solutions 🙌

We create solutions for HR, internal communication and employer branding teams.
All in one single platform.


We provide a dashboard with metrics to show you if people have received and read your message.

Target a specific audience

Send messages to specific groups of people, based on a subset of filters to maximise engagement.

Third party integrations

Integrate with various Workforce Management Systems. Currently supporting AFAS, Manus+ and PMT.

Push notifications

Make sure everybody always gets the message when they need to.


Quickly ask for and receive feedback directly from front-line employees.

Personal chat

Easily find and start conversations with co-workers throughout the organisation.
And way more...

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Unite your people

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